Why Choose Multiterm

We strongly believe in the value we offer by combining traditional knowledge with the most up-to-date technology to ensure fast turnaround and lower costs.

Our translation agency focuses on the following key points:

  • Quality management and workflow. We have always focused on Quality Management and Internal Process Optimization to guarantee a consistently high standard of quality over time.
  • Investments in innovative software and in the personal growth of our translators and interpreters
    Our policy is to use computer-aided translation tools to cut down on costs and to create glossaries and memories for consistent use of terminology. We also implement extremely strict criteria to select only qualified, specialized and certified mother-tongue translators. This perfect synergy between human resources and technology ensures quick turnaround, accurate work and guaranteed compliance with terms of delivery.
  • Reliability, competitiveness, flexibility, transparency and confidentiality. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we achieve with careful selection of our human resources, the use of avant-garde technology and processes and adherence to the highest professional standards.

Moreover, our translation and interpreting services conform fully to the highest standards of quality:

  • we select professional translators according to their field of specialization, who have knowledge of the basic concepts and language used in the various industrial sectors, and a broad understanding of the terminology;
  • we use the most sophisticated computer and terminology searching systems;
  • we translate using the customer’s specific terminology, when requested;
  • we create and administrate sector and customer-specific glossaries;
  • we provide proofreading and quality control services.

In other words, we are convinced that we offer a service at the best quality-price ratio in the field of professional translation.